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Irish Times addressing the issue of adapting your home

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Housing Adaptation Grants Now open for 2016

HOUSING ADAPTATION GRANTS NOW OPEN FOR TIPPERARY 2016. Check out our News section for further Information

All products and services are available nationwide

Adapted Living is you one stop shop for all homecare & mobility products and we will delivery products nationwide.

APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN FOR TIPPERARY FOR 2016. Contact us if you require any further information regarding adaptations or stairlifts (1)

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Staying Independent outside the Home

I recently wrote a blog on Elderly Homecare Solutions – 10 easy everyday options, this blog outlined some easy ways of staying independent in your own home.  However it is also of great importance to stay independent outside of the home.  The ability to go out your front door to your local shop, chat with neighbours or be able to partake in days out with friends and family is hugely important and beneficial both physically and mentally to people with limited mobility or the elderly.  I have compiled a list of ways that we feel can help maintain independence while out and about.


I decided to start with these as they are one of our most popular items.  They come in two different types, 3 wheeled and 4 wheeled, both can be folded and transported easily in a car boot and provide the user with stability and security when out and about. While the 3 wheel and 4 wheel both have handy pouches for carrying personal belongings, the 4 wheel does have a seat that can be used if the user is feeling tired and wishes to rest for a while.  They are very reasonably priced and come in 3 different colours, silver, burgundy and blue.  We have supplied many of these throughout the years and they still remain one of the most popular and reliable items we stock, some customers have even bought one of each to cover all scenarios. 🙂

Walker unit

             3 wheel walker rollator

Mobility Scooters 

Should you decide a mobility scooter is your best option buy a mobility scooter that suits your lifestyle & needs. We carry a range of scooters which are car transportable, we also stock pavement scooters which are suitable for use around the village, town or shopping centres.  Boot scooters are ideal for days out at the local shopping centre, along the paved areas at the sea side etc. If you live within or on the edge of a village or town, having a pavement scooter may be the replacement for a car.  The scooter will have paid for itself no time. No Tax , No NCT,  No fuel Cost. We have also rented these scooters out to customers heading on holidays the latest being to Disneyland Paris.  We offer free advice on such purchases and have demo models here in our shop please contact us if you would like any more information 062 33975

rascal 388

Walking Sticks

An obvious one but well worth a mention.  These can be got in various types and colours and most will come in under €20 so a cheap affordable option.  Our favourite is the folding walking stick, this is very practical for storing on your lap or in a handbag particularly if out on public transport or having a something to eat where storage options are limited.  The variety of colours available mean that people can now have a bit of fun when choosing a walking stick to suit their needs 🙂

                Crackle Pattern Walking Stick 2        Tripod Walking Stick

Shopping Trolley

Nobody likes hauling around bags of shopping or groceries while out and about, but if mobility is an issue then this simple task can be a reason why people wont go to the shops themselves.  However this simple solution might be just the thing thats needed. Durable and lightweight with wheels this bag will allow the user to easily get around the shops and streets while maintaining their own independence

Shopping Trolly

Walking Frames 

There a few different choices available to people when it comes to walking frames.  The standard walking frame is commonly seen in hospitals and care homes and is a sturdy and reliable option when out and about.  They are lightweight and can easily fit into a car boot. They also come with wheels if the user would prefer.  Another option we have and is proving very popular is the folding walker this is again light weight and height adjustable but can also be folded and stored neatly against a wall or car boot .  It also comes with a handy pouch where personal belongings can be stored for safe keeping while out and about.  This too comes with wheels but unlike the standard walker the wheels can be removed when needed.

2 wheeled walker 2walking-frame-standard


While not everyone may be able to use a self propelled chair, everyone can certainly enjoy being out and about if a wheelchair is an option.   We have met clients wishing to rent them for days out to weddings or family events even for doctor or hospital appointments.  Rental is a fantastic option as it is cheap and can be done on a weekly or a daily basis.  As the needs of each person varies from client to client we have an extensive range of chairs available both self propelled and push.  We will take each clients needs into consideration and will help them to pick a wheelchair that is suitable for them and will help them to maintain independence while going about there daily routine. A full range of our wheelchairs can be seen on our website.

If after reading this you have any further questions on our products or wish to know more about the services we provide please do not hesitate to contact us at or

062 33975

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Elderly Homecare Solutions – 10 Easy everyday options

Getting older is part of life, and we at Adapted Living like to give our customers every opportunity to remain independent in their own homes.  Homecare is the first option that most people will want to take and it is vital that we offer the elderly every chance to remain at home where possible.  Some small changes or a little help may be all that is needed.  We have compiled a list of our Top 10 elderly homecare solutions that won’t break the bank but could make all the difference in making life a little easier.

  1. Reach and Grab Aid reach and grabThis is one of our most popular items its functional and cheap and takes the stress out of reaching for things and bending down where this may be difficult
  2. Trolley with wheels Food Trolly on wheelsEnables the user to move freely from room to room without having to balance a tray.  The trolley is two tiered so has plenty of room for dinner plates to be placed on it.  This item is essential for someone who may need help with walking but wants to carry on with their everyday routine.
  3. Anti Slip Matsnon slip matThese are very practical non slip mats that can be placed on any surface such as a table or tray.  They can be cut to size and will prevent plates, cups, bowl etc from slipping off the surface.
  4. High Stool High back StoolThis is sometimes referred to a perching stool.  It is most frequently used in the kitchen when preparing meals or can be used at a bathroom sink.  It can be adjusted up or down depending on the user and is ideal for people who cannot stand for long periods of time.  Its comfortable and durable and will allow the user be independent in their own kitchen or bathroom.
  5. Grab Rails and Bed Rails Grab railsA very popular purchase not only for someones independence but for their safety.  Grab rails are used in toilets and along walls to allow the user more stability when sitting, standing or walking.  Bed Rails are used in the bedroom and are positioned under the mattress on the bed base.  They allow the user to prop themselves up and get up out of bed safely.Single Sided Grab railDouble end bed handle
  6. Sock Aid 

Sock aidStocking Aid DoubleAvailable as both a double or a single aid.  These are used to help people with mobility issues dress themselves. Bending down can be a huge issue and this simple cost effective solution can really help

  1. Kitchen Solutions  Plate Surround Utensils MugThere is a whole host of kitchen utensils, cutlery and living aids available for the kitchen, this is the most popular room in the house but it can also be the most difficult if mobility is an issue.  We have a huge array of homecare solutions available to cater for your every need ranging from chopping boards to forks and knives.
  2. Jar opener  Jar OpenerAnother very popular item, this is a very simple idea but very effective. It easily slips over the top of any jar and allows the user to easily twist and open it, might seem simple but invaluable to anyone suffering with arthritis or dexterity issues
  3. V Shaped Pillow V pillowThis pillow is recommend for use to prop yourself up in the bed or to sleep slightly upright.  Its comfortable durable and allows the user a comfortable nights sleep without having to worry about pulling themselves up out of the bed when they wake
  4. Bathroom Solutions 

Basic Commode raised toilet seat level accessOur extensive list of bathroom solutions ranges from commodes to shower chairs.  Each item we sell will allow users independence and dignity in there own home.  Also as the bathroom can be the place where most accidents occur these items are very necessary from a safety perspective too.


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Tipperary Gold Star Disability Training

Adapted Living

As an employee of a company specialising in mobility supplies and home care products,  I was delighted to accept an invitation from the Tipperary Gold Star Initiative to attend their disability awareness training morning in Tipperary Town.  Tipperary is currently making progress towards getting the gold star, for a business to get gold star status it has to meet certain criteria, one of which is all staff must complete this training.
The morning began with Anne Branshaw from the HSE Disability services taking us through the history of the social and medical models of disability.  We then moved onto disability and customer service. This for me was very interesting as in my line of work we meet many people with various disabilities and it is vital to us as a business that we are observing all the do’s and dont’s where our customers are concerned.
images (1)images
The training morning continued with a focus on Autism awareness in the community. We talked about how autism can effect children and parents and how we can sometimes mistake a tantrum for an episode a child might be having as a result of having autism.  Katie Mulhearn, Volunteer with the Gold Star Project, gave a presentation on how having an autistic child can effect parents and how they feel the rest of the world perceive them, particularly when out in public, to the average onlooker these children are just having a tantrum, sometimes thats just not the case, there are other circumstances to be taken into account and often partents of autistic children feel like they are being judged. Listening to Katie speak really made me think that this must be a very difficult and, I’m sure at times, heartbreaking situation for these parents.  I would also like to point out that this was Katies very first presentation as she based her masters on this subject, she was fantastic and added greatly to the Disability Awareness Training.
After a quick break, the Disability Awareness Training continued.  Paul Purcell, project worker with the Moorhaven Centre, Tipperary Town spoke to us about attitudes and intellectual disability.  Paul was accompanied by Mary Tracey, who herself has an intellectual disability.  It was a real eye opener to hear Mary speak about her hopes for the future, what she wants to accomplish and how she would love to work with small animals.  She told us all about her education and what her interests and hobbies are, listening to her really brings home that intellectual disability or not her aspirations for the future really are no different to anybody elses.
The final section of the training morning was delivered by John Collins,  Job Coach, with South Tipperary EmployAbility Service.  John spoke to us about the role this service has in the community.  This service supports both employers and employees,  and encourages people with disability to secure and maintain employment.  Supports available can range from career advice to follow up support.  There are also many diffferent grants, incentives and schemes available for both employers and employees, for further information contact your local EmployAbility office or  As John said in his presentation this service is like a free recruitment agency for employers offering fully qualified and reliable staff. Qualities any business would wish their employees to have.
I would highly recommend this course and if you are an employer or an employee try to get to one and help make your business a Gold Star business for Disability Awareness.
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Applying for Housing Adaptation Grant ?

Stairlift image old people

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the lingo surrounding housing adaptation grants? Not really sure what you are entitled to or how much of a grant you will get towards whats needed?  Then look no further let us help you get all the information you need. Housing Adaptation grants are an excellent way of getting funding to improve your existing home, and we at Adapted Living have many years experience of helping customers, carers or families do just that.

Housing adaptation grants can be obtained from your local council. They are in place to help those who wish to continue living in there own homes but may have mobility issues where the require assistance in getting up the stairs or may need to remodel the downstairs of a home.

The paperwork is really easy to complete and we will of course help in whatever way we can to ensure you have a successful grant application.

Once you have the forms completed you will be required to get quotations for the work to be done.  We provide a FREE CONSULTANCY service to help with this aspect of the Housing Adaptation Grant application.

When all the Housing Adaptation grant documents have been processed and your grant approved work can commence, be it a stairlift or bathroom conversion.

On receipt of full payment for the work done, we will provide you with a receipt and a VAT RECLAIM form if necessary

The Housing Adaptation Grant is a great way of getting help with necessary home improvements making life a little easier for those who need it.

Go on give it a try its easy ! 062 33975