Mobility Scooters

Battery powered 3 & 4 wheel scooter range. Giving people with reduced mobility a route to independence.

We carry a range of scooters which are car transportable to pavement scooters. These pavement scooters are suitable for use around villages, towns or shopping centres. Boot scooters are ideal for days out at the local shopping centre, along the paved areas at the sea side etc. If you live within or on the edge of a village or town, having a pavement scooter may be the replacement for a car.

The scooter will have paid for itself no time. No Tax / No NCT / No fuel cost.

We have a wide range of scooters in stock to suit all needs thus allowing our Limerick office in 30 Eastlink Business Park, Ballysimon to provide a test drive service. This way you can decide what best suits your needs and while your there avail of some expert advice from our staff members.

If you can’t get to us don’t worry you can just BUY ONLINE NOW. We will deliver to your door and give a demonstration of how the scooter works.

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Showing all 11 results