Ambassador & Jubilee Reef Pro by Ultrafabrics


Ultrafabrics make intelligent, animal free fabrics designed to do more.

Combining high performance & ultimate comfort that is truly sensorial & pleasing to the touch….

EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE on the Cosi Chair Ambassador & Jubilee Premium Risers 

Reef Pro combines powerful performance with a sophisticated sensorial experience. The collection provides superior durability and unrivalled comfort due to Ultrafabrics proprietary manufacturing process and premium ingredients.

For enhanced comfort seating Reef Pro’s unique construction dissipates heat and moisture away from the body.

Designed for dynamic living, the Reef Pro renowned Ink & Stain Resistant solution unites repellency and cleanability without sacrificing style. Proven across markets to resist tough stains like ballpoint pen, red wine and denim dyes, the inherent technology provides the ultimate defense in busy environments. Reef Pro resists: ballpoint ink, betadine, blood, denim*, mustard and ketchup, and red wine.



Reef Pro Information

Jubilee Spec Sheet

Ambassador Spec Sheet

  • Waterfall back – Ambassador
  • Waterfall & Lateral back – Jubilee
  • Small – Weight limit – 20 stone / 127kgs
  • Medium Weight limit – 25 stone / 158.8kgs
  • Large Weight limit – 25 stone / 158.8kgs