Doro Secure 580 Simple Phone


Very simple, easy to use phone

Large, backlit speed dial buttons (x4)

SOS assistance button sending GPS location to preset numbers (e.g. trusted relative or carer)



This simple mobile phone addresses the needs of people with dementia, sight loss, hearing loss and limited dexterity, and can also help protect users from nuisance calls.  It has a large, clear, colour, display and 4 large, backlit, speed dial buttons with SOS assistance button on the rear of the splash proof and textured case.  It can send an SMS alarm to preset numbers, along with a GPS location report to those who receive the message, and contacts can be managed by a trusted relative or carer using MY Doro Manager over the internet as well directly on the phone.  It has a built in speakerphone and comes with an easy charging cradle.