Family and Friends Auto Dialling Emergency Alarm

Pendant worn around neck

Ideal for those concerned or at risk of falling

Once button pressed during an emergency, a pre-set message will send an alert to 3 phone numbers

Each number will be called up to 5 times

Once a call has been answered two-way conversation will be possible


Ideal for those with visual impairments or living alone and concerned about falling.  Panic alarm is a small pendant that can be worn around the neck.  In an emergency the user presses the buttton and the main unit dials for help.  If the first number is busy or on voicemail it will dial the next pre-programmed number.  User can record their own help-me message and 3 telephone numbers can be programmed.  The programmed numbers will be cycled through 5 times until a call is answered.  The system will dial programmed numbers up to five times.  When answered, hands-free two-way conversation is possible via microphone in the main unit.  Main unit powered by 6V adaptor or 4 x AAA batteries can be used for back up. Connects to home landline socket.