Geemarc Photophone100 Big Button Telephone


Photo buttons (x8) for easier dialling

High volume ringer and large buttons

Hearing aid (T Coil) compatible

Emergency dial buttons (x3)

LED screen which flashes with incoming calls

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With 8 large photo buttons for quick and easy dialling, this amplified telephone is ideal for anyone who has reduced eyesight, hearing or early dementia.  The ringer has a maximum volume of 30db whilst the tone control goes up to 10db.  It has a hands free speaker and photo ID memory buttons which can be customised or replaced.  Large buttons and extra clear, contrasting numbers make it easy to dial.  The face included three emergency dial buttons, a boost button, a hands free button and a mute button.  The phone also has a bright LED which flashes to signal incoming calls.  Volume and tone can be adjusted by sliders.  Compatible with T-coil hearing aids.  It can also be wall mounted.