Haven Riser Recliner


The Haven with a choice of either Dual or Single Tilt in Space mechanisms maximises the positional options for the carer/user. Combine this with the air cushions situated in the backrest, seat cushion and leg rest, all of which work constantly to evenly distribute the user’s weight, this chair delivers exceptional pressure management and postural control.

  • Air comfort Riser Recliner Chair
  • Various Sizes available
  • Pressure Care Air System
  • Various Movements
  • 20 st (130kg) user weight
  • Available in Numerous Fabrics

The Haven rise recliner chair is excellent for clients with significant risk of pressure problems or existing pressure ulcers due to the air bag technology within the seat cushion, leg rest and back cushion.

The air cushions work constantly to evenly distribute the user’s weight ensuring that there are no pressure points that might restrict circulation. The high level of pressure relief is due to the air cushions constant movement and repositioning of pressure. This allows for a truly personalised seating experience based on a user’s specific needs with a focus on the person, their activities and the impact of their condition.

It has been designed to provide the highest level of pressure relief for conditions, such as:

  • Motor Neurone disease and other neurological conditions
  • End of life clients e.g. cancer
  • Frail elderly

With a choice of Dual or Single Tilt in Space motors, the Haven is ideal for clients with changing and deteriorating neurological conditions and those who require assisted movement to reduce the problems of skin breakdown.  It has a rise option to maintain client independence when they wish to get up and walk as well as choice and control to change position to support rest and purposeful activity.