Hip Replacement Recovery Kit – Free Long Handled Sponge When Purchased


  • The Hip Replacement Recovery Kit is a recovery package for those who have recently undergone hip surgery, or have hip problems
  • The kit contains a reacher, a stocking aid, a cushion and a shoehorn to support your daily needs
  • The mobility aids are lightweight and easy-to-hold
  • Prevents you from aggravating any surgical scars
  •  Ideal mobility aids to help you complete simple, everyday tasks


For those who suffer from hip problems, or have recently gone through hip replacement surgery, this handy recovery kit is the ideal thing to help you with your daily living. The Hip Replacement Recovery Kit is a mobility aid that will make all the difference.

Inside the pack is a lightweight folding reacher, a flexible sock/stocking aid, a circular cushion and a long-handled plastic shoehorn.

This toolkit will provide you with the support you need, preventing you from hurting yourself and giving you a sense of freedom and independence around your home.

This handy toolkit is an ideal mobility aid that will help you complete simple, everyday tasks. The reacher , and contains a magnetic tip to assist you when reaching for small metal items, such as paper clips, or pins. It folds which makes it ideal for easy storage when not in use. The handle of the grabber is sturdy and easy-to-squeeze, giving you enough space for two, or more fingers.

The handy kit also contains a flexible sock/stocking aid, which can be used to roll up your socks to create an opening to ease your foot into, staying on the sock aid until you pull it up over your ankle. Its easy application makes dressing all the more simple.

As well as these handy tools, the mobility aid also contains a soft transfer swivel cushion. As well as these handy tools, the mobility aid also contains a soft transfer swivel cushion.  This allows for a smooth swivel transfer without painful jarring, or twisting, preventing you from hurting yourself. It is ideal for use on chairs, beds and car seats.