Push Down Nail Clippers


Push Down Nail Clippers

This clever little device simplifies the often tricky job of clipping your nails.

These Push Down Nail Clippers can be placed on a table where their non-slip base gives stability before simply pushing down to cut. Ideal for those with limited hand or wrist movement, the conveniently attached nail file helps to tidy up the nails after clipping to leave them perfectly manicured.



Product Specification

  • One Push Down Nail Clippers
  • Helps to cut nails safely and effectively
  • Push down motion
  • Attached nail file for convenience
  • Product weight: 60g (2 oz)
  • Nail Clippers length: 95mm (3.7″)
  • Nail Clippers width: 56mm (2.2″)
  • Nail Clippers height: 25mm (1″)