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Staying Independent outside the Home

I recently wrote a blog on Elderly Homecare Solutions – 10 easy everyday options, this blog outlined some easy ways of staying independent in your own home.  However it is also of great importance to stay independent outside of the home.  The ability to go out your front door to your local shop, chat with neighbours or be able to partake in days out with friends and family is hugely important and beneficial both physically and mentally to people with limited mobility or the elderly.  I have compiled a list of ways that we feel can help maintain independence while out and about.


I decided to start with these as they are one of our most popular items.  They come in two different types, 3 wheeled and 4 wheeled, both can be folded and transported easily in a car boot and provide the user with stability and security when out and about. While the 3 wheel and 4 wheel both have handy pouches for carrying personal belongings, the 4 wheel does have a seat that can be used if the user is feeling tired and wishes to rest for a while.  They are very reasonably priced and come in 3 different colours, silver, burgundy and blue.  We have supplied many of these throughout the years and they still remain one of the most popular and reliable items we stock, some customers have even bought one of each to cover all scenarios. 🙂

Walker unit

             3 wheel walker rollator

Mobility Scooters 

Should you decide a mobility scooter is your best option buy a mobility scooter that suits your lifestyle & needs. We carry a range of scooters which are car transportable, we also stock pavement scooters which are suitable for use around the village, town or shopping centres.  Boot scooters are ideal for days out at the local shopping centre, along the paved areas at the sea side etc. If you live within or on the edge of a village or town, having a pavement scooter may be the replacement for a car.  The scooter will have paid for itself no time. No Tax , No NCT,  No fuel Cost. We have also rented these scooters out to customers heading on holidays the latest being to Disneyland Paris.  We offer free advice on such purchases and have demo models here in our shop please contact us if you would like any more information 062 33975

rascal 388

Walking Sticks

An obvious one but well worth a mention.  These can be got in various types and colours and most will come in under €20 so a cheap affordable option.  Our favourite is the folding walking stick, this is very practical for storing on your lap or in a handbag particularly if out on public transport or having a something to eat where storage options are limited.  The variety of colours available mean that people can now have a bit of fun when choosing a walking stick to suit their needs 🙂

                Crackle Pattern Walking Stick 2        Tripod Walking Stick

Shopping Trolley

Nobody likes hauling around bags of shopping or groceries while out and about, but if mobility is an issue then this simple task can be a reason why people wont go to the shops themselves.  However this simple solution might be just the thing thats needed. Durable and lightweight with wheels this bag will allow the user to easily get around the shops and streets while maintaining their own independence

Shopping Trolly

Walking Frames 

There a few different choices available to people when it comes to walking frames.  The standard walking frame is commonly seen in hospitals and care homes and is a sturdy and reliable option when out and about.  They are lightweight and can easily fit into a car boot. They also come with wheels if the user would prefer.  Another option we have and is proving very popular is the folding walker this is again light weight and height adjustable but can also be folded and stored neatly against a wall or car boot .  It also comes with a handy pouch where personal belongings can be stored for safe keeping while out and about.  This too comes with wheels but unlike the standard walker the wheels can be removed when needed.

2 wheeled walker 2walking-frame-standard


While not everyone may be able to use a self propelled chair, everyone can certainly enjoy being out and about if a wheelchair is an option.   We have met clients wishing to rent them for days out to weddings or family events even for doctor or hospital appointments.  Rental is a fantastic option as it is cheap and can be done on a weekly or a daily basis.  As the needs of each person varies from client to client we have an extensive range of chairs available both self propelled and push.  We will take each clients needs into consideration and will help them to pick a wheelchair that is suitable for them and will help them to maintain independence while going about there daily routine. A full range of our wheelchairs can be seen on our website.

If after reading this you have any further questions on our products or wish to know more about the services we provide please do not hesitate to contact us at or

062 33975