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Applying for Housing Adaptation Grant ?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the lingo surrounding housing adaptation grants? Not really sure what you are entitled to or how much of a grant you will get towards whats needed?  Then look no further let us help you get all the information you need. Housing Adaptation grants are an excellent way of getting funding to improve your existing home, and we at Adapted Living have many years experience of helping customers, carers or families do just that.

Housing adaptation grants can be obtained from your local council. They are in place to help those who wish to continue living in there own homes but may have mobility issues where the require assistance in getting up the stairs or may need to remodel the downstairs of a home.

The paperwork is really easy to complete and we will of course help in whatever way we can to ensure you have a successful grant application.

Once you have the forms completed you will be required to get quotations for the work to be done.  We provide a FREE CONSULTANCY service to help with this aspect of the Housing Adaptation Grant application.

When all the Housing Adaptation grant documents have been processed and your grant approved work can commence, be it a stairlift or bathroom conversion.

On receipt of full payment for the work done, we will provide you with a receipt and a VAT RECLAIM form if necessary

The Housing Adaptation Grant is a great way of getting help with necessary home improvements making life a little easier for those who need it.

Go on give it a try its easy ! 062 33975