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Elderly Homecare Solutions – 10 Easy everyday options

Getting older is part of life, and we at Adapted Living like to give our customers every opportunity to remain independent in their own homes.  Homecare is the first option that most people will want to take and it is vital that we offer the elderly every chance to remain at home where possible.  Some small changes or a little help may be all that is needed. We have compiled a list of our Top 10 elderly homecare solutions that won’t break the bank but could make all the difference in making life a little easier.

    1. Reach and Grab Aid reach and grabThis is one of our most popular items its functional and cheap and takes the stress out of reaching for things and bending down where this may be difficult
  1. Trolley with wheels Food Trolly on wheelsEnables the user to move freely from room to room without having to balance a tray.  The trolley is two tiered so has plenty of room for dinner plates to be placed on it.  This item is essential for someone who may need help with walking but wants to carry on with their everyday routine.
  2. Anti Slip Matsnon slip matThese are very practical non slip mats that can be placed on any surface such as a table or tray.  They can be cut to size and will prevent plates, cups, bowl etc from slipping off the surface.
  3. High Stool High back StoolThis is sometimes referred to a perching stool.  It is most frequently used in the kitchen when preparing meals or can be used at a bathroom sink.  It can be adjusted up or down depending on the user and is ideal for people who cannot stand for long periods of time.  Its comfortable and durable and will allow the user be independent in their own kitchen or bathroom.
  4. Grab Rails and Bed Rails Grab railsA very popular purchase not only for someones independence but for their safety.  Grab rails are used in toilets and along walls to allow the user more stability when sitting, standing or walking.  Bed Rails are used in the bedroom and are positioned under the mattress on the bed base.  They allow the user to prop themselves up and get up out of bed safely.Single Sided Grab railDouble end bed handle
  5. Sock Aid 

Sock aidStocking Aid DoubleAvailable as both a double or a single aid.  These are used to help people with mobility issues dress themselves. Bending down can be a huge issue and this simple cost effective solution can really help

    1. Kitchen Solutions  Plate Surround Utensils MugThere is a whole host of kitchen utensils, cutlery and living aids available for the kitchen, this is the most popular room in the house but it can also be the most difficult if mobility is an issue.  We have a huge array of homecare solutions available to cater for your every need ranging from chopping boards to forks and knives.
    2. Jar opener  Jar OpenerAnother very popular item, this is a very simple idea but very effective. It easily slips over the top of any jar and allows the user to easily twist and open it, might seem simple but invaluable to anyone suffering with arthritis or dexterity issues
  1. V Shaped Pillow V pillowThis pillow is recommend for use to prop yourself up in the bed or to sleep slightly upright.  Its comfortable durable and allows the user a comfortable nights sleep without having to worry about pulling themselves up out of the bed when they wake
  2. Bathroom Solutions 

Basic Commode raised toilet seat level accessOur extensive list of bathroom solutions ranges from commodes to shower chairs.  Each item we sell will allow users independence and dignity in there own home.  Also as the bathroom can be the place where most accidents occur these items are very necessary from a safety perspective too.